What can you do after getting a staph infection?

What steps can you take to feel better?

Staph infections frequently result in minor skin problems that can be treated at home. The healing time depends on the type of infection that you have. A boil usually resolves on its own without treatment in about 1-2 weeks. Most styes do not require any treatment and improve within a few days. However, if you have other health concerns or a severe infection more intensive therapy, such as oral or intravenous antibiotics, may be required. If your doctor has prescribed antibiotics as part of your treatment, you must take them as directed and finish all of the medication in order to avoid bacterial resistance.

If a skin lesion contains pus, warm compresses to the affected area will help reduce the pressure and discomfort by encouraging drainage and promoting healing. The procedure involves using a washcloth that’s wetted with hot water and placed over a boil or abscess. The application of warm compresses may be repeated a few times each day over several days. Topical antimicrobial medications are commonly used with the warm compress to treat localized staph infections of the skin. Use a clean washcloth each time and wash used cloths in soap and hot water, and then dry out completely. Warm compresses can also be used to treat a stye – place the cloth over your eye (with the eye closed) and repeat 3-4 times daily. See your doctor if the stye doesn’t improve in a few days.

Avoid shaving the infected skin area until the infection clears up. If you do have to shave, use a clean disposable razor or thoroughly clean your electric razor after each use.

If pain medication is required, acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be taken to relieve the discomfort until the infection improves.

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